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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hair Cut Part 2

So guess what we did this afternoon? Anyone? Anyone? Yep, we went to get Avery's hair cut. The answers to my blog really persuaded me to let her get it cut. I did take Anna's advice and guided her a little bit about what kind of style to get. I told the hairdresser that we wanted it shoulder length and cut to flip out just a little with a few layers just at the bottom. So there I was feeling like a good mom watching her beam in THE chair. THEN!! I start to notice that the lady (which happened to be the same one that cut Bailey's) was picking up strands of RANDOM hair and cutting it. I looked at my mom (she went with us) and she looked at me. I felt myself get sick to my stomach. Haircutting is not that hard, but there are RIGHT ways to cut hair and then there are WRONG ways. I went to Cosmotology school for a while. I know what is right. And let me tell you. This wasn't it. Long story short (if that is possible) when the lady was done, Avery's hair was to her chin in the front and slanted down about 2 inches PAST her shoulders in the back. Avery's first words (with tears in her eyes I might add) were, "I don't like it." I had to FORCE myself to pay the $6.95 (I didn't leave a tip this time). I assured her that I would fix it. I had to bite my tongue and not say, " I told you so". I KNEW she wouldn't like it. So much for being a great mom. Now I'm the mom that LET her get her hair cut. Can I ever win?? We DID get home and I DID fix it. It looks MUCH better, but you know me. I see EVERY little peice that isn't how it is suppose to be. THEN I trimmed Parker's. She wanted 4 inches off. She showed me right where to cut. Low and Behold, she cries because I cut hers too short. (I promise I only cut where she told me to!!!) I just think that she was feeling left out of all the drama. In conclusion(that sounds corny!) I have decided to never cut my children's hair again. So be watching for them on the makeover show on Maury Povich!!


Blogger Anna said...

I'm confused...what did you tell me? ha

8:07 PM  
Blogger Tammy M. said...

This is a great lesson in consequences. (Except for the inadequate hairdresser part). When Derek had let his hair grow last year, he thought he wanted it to be cut short so he could wear a sweat band around his head, he is an exercise fan, so after reminding him how long he had taken to grow out his hair, and did he really want to get it cut, he said he really wanted to get it cut. Off to the Geoffrey store we went, and they did what he asked. He had a meltdown that night because his hair was really short, it showed him that you must consider consequences when you make choices. It was one of those natural consequences, the best kind for him to learn from.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

That's weird...last night when I posted my "I'm confused" comment, there was no Part 2 blog on the haircutting thing...only one line..and it said "I told ya so". Weird huh? So that's the reason for my random comment. haha Sorry to hear Avery didn't have such a great experience at the salon. Tammy said..maybe this is one of those natural consequences & she'll never push you to let her cut her hair again! =) Now let's talk about Jude's hair. KIDDING...

6:03 AM  
Blogger Denise W. said...

Yes, they get to make their own choices and then they get to live with them. It's called "growing up." Choose your battles - pay extra for good hair. My words of advice and I can't wait to see their hair!!

6:45 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

The pay extra for good hair works sometimes, but even alot of money isn't a guarantee for a good haircut unfortunately. I got mine cut by a big wig (some of you know they story)..and yeah...not the most wonderful hair cut I've ever had. So I guess it's a gamble anytime you use somebody new & try a new "do".

7:31 PM  

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